I make salt-glazed woodfired ceramics, living and working in West Wales. My pieces are contemporary, functional, wheel-based forms, things to be used and enjoyed.  I combine traditional and modern ways of working, firing in a 75 cubic foot catenary arched kiln with wood to 1300o centigrade. These firings produce many original surfaces and colours. I aim to create works which are individual and original  in  design and execution.


1991     Crafts Council  'Setting-up' grant

1994     Prince's Trust 'Partners in Europe' Travel Grant 

1996    The Hungarian Ministry of Culture - Prince's Trust 

'The Fragile Continent'  (Forming links and working with Hungarian artists)

1999    Welsh Arts Council, Craft Bursary2000   

Travel and research award, for travel to Hungary and research development.

2000     I.C.S. Ketchkemet, Hungary Scholarship to New Generation

2002     Welsh Arts Council - Professional Development Award

2007     Sponsors Award, Goudse, Holland

2010     Goudse Plateel Award, Goudse, Holland

2011     Development and Research Grant, Welsh Arts Council


2000     International Ceramics Centre collection, Ketchkemet, Hungary

2003     British Embassy, St Petersberg, Russia

2005      Adolph Egner, Cologne, Germany

2007     Sponsors Award, Goudse, Holland


1992     Economist Building, London. Balls Pond Studio Group Exhibition

           Beaux Arts, Bath 'Young Artists of Promise'

1999     Leicester City Art Gallery,'Salt and Soda'

           Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Welsh Contemporary Ceramics

2001     Chelsea Crafts Fair, Chelsea, London

           Contemporary Craftsman, Monmouth 'Saltglaze Ceramics' book

2002     Rufford Arts Centre, Salt glazed exhibition 

2004     The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh 'Blue and White' Exhibition

2005     Potfest in the Park, Cumbria

           Keramisto, Millsbeek, Holland

2006/7  Potfest in the Park, Cumbria

           Art in Clay, Hatfield

           Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum

           Ceramic Biannual, Brasscatt, Belgium

           Goudse Ceramics Festival, Holland

2008/9 Goudse Ceramics Festival, Holland

           Potfest in the Park, Cumbria

           Art in Clay, Hatfield

2009    Handmade in Britain, Bath

2010    Salt Glaze Exhibition - Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

           Goudse Ceramics Festival, Holland

           Swalmen, Holland

           Earth and Fire, Rufford  (Demonstrator)

           Potfest in the Park, Cumbria

           Art in Clay, Hatfield

           Keramisto, Millsbeek, Holland

           Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair

2011    Clay2Day, Amsterdam, Holland

           Goudse Ceramics Festival, Holland

           Potfest in the Park, Cumbria

           Art in Clay, Hatfield

           Ceramics in the City, Geffrey Museum, London

           Guest exhibitor, Craft in the Bay, Cardiff

           Made by Hand, Newport, Wales


2012     Fireworks, Ceramics, Cambridge

             Goudse Ceramics Festival, Holland

             Swalmen , Holland

             Earth and Fire, Rufford  

           Oldenburg Ceramics Show, Germany

              Potfest in the Park, Cumbria              

             Art in Clay - Hatfield  

             Keramisto,Millsbeek,Holland (Demonstrator)  

             Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum

             Made by Hand, Tredegar House


2013 EVENTS and Exhibitions

  • Potfest in the Park, Cumbria    (July)          
  • Art in Clay - Hatfield    (July)
  • Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum    (Nov)
  • Made, Brighton   (Nov)


Louis and Reiniee International salt glaze exhibition - Deventer, Holland

Joint exhibition with painter Gerald Dewsbury - Denbigh, Wales

Work selected to exhibit with the John Piper Exhibition - Manchester Art Gallery

Newly selected members exhibition - Craft in the Bay, Cardiff


Galleries stocking work include:

Oxford Contemporary Ceramics, Walton Street, Oxford

St Ives Contemporary Ceramics, Cornwall

The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

Craft in the Bay, Cardiff           

The Ark Gallery, Chester                   

The Bowie Gallery, Hay on Wye

Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle

Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

The Castle Gallery, Inverness

Renaissance Gallery, Abergavenny

Rhianons Gallery, Tregaron