Most work is thrown, some pots are then altered or impressed with patterns. All work is made with function in mind, things to be used and enjoyed.

The production cycle is about 4 weeks making and 2 weeks of glazing and firing to produce one kiln load of finished pots.




 Using slips of different vitrifying  temperatures,    and with the use of a spray gun I layer them  on top of each other.

 Putting the most vitreous on the top and firing to  make this top layer break and move leaving the  undercoat stable to create a base  colour, exaggerating the salt glaze effect.







 I fire a 75 cubic foot sprung arched      kiln on wood and oil to 1300 degrees  centigrade. The firing time is around  14 hours with the addition of salt in  the final 2 hours.                                                                                                     Aiming to create an atmosphere    within the kiln that when the salt  vapour is introduced quite fantastic  fluid qualities and colours are  produced.